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Tips For Driving Exam

Taking a driving test can be an exciting but stressful event in anyone’s life. So stressful, in fact, that you can forget even some of the basics when it comes to getting behind the wheel and hitting the road. There are also some things that people just are not aware of or don’t take into consideration when it comes to taking the road exam. Review some of the common things [...]

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Parking Tips For Beginners

According to eNatis, in August last month there were a total of 124,676. Self-propelled used vehicle registrations and a total of 48,115 self-propelled new vehicle registrations in South Africa. This is a substantial number of extra vehicles on already congested roads particularly in the big cities. This extra load can put more pressure on drivers - especially beginner drivers [...]

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Reverse Parallel Parking

It is almost inevitable that once you start driving, you will need to park. Most people drive in and back out. However, once you master the art of backing in, you will find it is much more convenient to be able to pull right out. This is a learned skill, and will need a lot of practice off-site in a remote location. Once you have practiced, and learned the skill, you will be ab [...]

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Planning Your Parking

There are no limits to the ideas and ways to transform a parking space. Though the concept of a 9’x18’ park is simple, the sheer number of options and ideas can often leave you overwhelmed or worse, in over your head. It is good to remember that your park can be as simple as a place to sit, read, talk or relax. Site Constraints-Dimensions. The dimensions for a typical park [...]

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Parking Tips

A lot of people take driver education classes, but fail to bother learning. This is something that everyone should take the time to learn, especially parallel parking, which can be pretty tricky sometimes. There are all kinds of little things that many people tend to forget when they are parking their vehicles, and some great tips to remember. Always signal before pulling into [...]

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Parking Lot Collisions

Dings and dents may not seem all that scary or stressful in the context. But, the fact is, collisions in parking lots are among the most common accidents fleets experience and can cost a company more time and money than fleet managers may realize. Parking lot accidents are the most common way fleet vehicles are damaged, according to research conducted by PHH Arval. In 2012, ar [...]

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