About Us

Founded in 2004 SafetyPark has rapidly grown to be known as one of the top valet ans self parking companies in Los Angeles.

Currently operating close to 100 locations with 150 staff, it always remains our objective to tailor our services to the specific needs of our client.

We believe we are a “boutique” company and have created a niche offering in our ability to maximize efficient revenue control together with providing an exemplary service.  

We believe first impressions start the moment a guest enters our facility. We fully understand the importance of the guest experience and how our service impacts the guests’ overall positive association regarding parking or valet service

SafetyPark offers a variety of parking services, including Self Park, Valet Parking Service and Parking Management Service.

We are prominent in providing valet services to over 25 of the finest restaurants in the city. We proudly partner with our clients to excel in providing their guests with a first-class parking experience. We also operate numerous prime self-park locations across the city that receive a very high volume of visitors daily.

SafetyPark seeks to acquire new locations and takes great pride in upgrading new acquisitions. When we take over a new location the property owner and the community give us excellent responses. We improve both the aesthetic and the safety of the location by re-paving, installing or upgrading lighting and installing a surveillance system.

We are constantly investing in new technology to improve the guest experience and streamline our efficiency. We utilize SafetyPark’s own app to expedite vehicle retrieval. We utilize our biometric system to monitor and track labor efficiency.

Voltaire Menezes, President & Co-Founder

Lisane Menezes, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder